Ian Ambler / Owner, Landscape Architect  ASLA
Ian is the principal and owner of Ambler Design, LLC.  Ian came to landscape architecture by way of growing up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the hours he spent in his parents gardens as a boy growing up in Stowe.  Ian received his B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture form Cornell University.  He is licensed in the state of Vermont and is a member of the American Society of Landscape architects.  Ian has worked on many projects in North America, Asia, and Europe including various ecologically centered design projects.  Ian lives with his wife Stacey and family in Stowe.


Stacey Ambler/ Office Manager / Garden Designer
Stacey is a Master Gardener, former Waldorf School teacher, and environmental educator.  She has training in environmental resource management, fine arts, and permaculture.  Her experience, combined with her love of plants, bring artistic form and social function to our garden designs.






Albert Demag / Site Supervisor / Construction Manager

Albert joined the Ambler Design team in 2009, he has over 20 years of landscape construction experience and is the key link between the design and construction in the field.  Versatile in all aspects of the construction process, Albert has a keen eye for every project detail, often transforming what may seem a chaotic project site quickly into the beautiful finished landscape.  Albert lives with his family in Wolcott. 


Sam Fellows / Operations Manager

Since joining Ambler Design in 2009, Sam has developed the skills to be a talented stone mason, a machine operator and a manager of resources. His attention to detail is apparent in his stone work along with his management of day to day activities. His skills are invaluable whether he is on a job site or in the office. Sam graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Sustainable Landscape Horticulture.  He lives in Morrisville with his family.


Pat Walsh / Construction Foreman / Senior Mason

Pat has worked in the landscape industry for over 20 years prior to joining the team in 2009. From masonry work to planting and horticulture, Pat has the knowledge, experience, and skills to install any landscape.  He is a skilled stone mason and is always conscious of innovative ways to improve our work.  Pat is an avid backcountry snowboarder and mountain biker. He lives in Elmore with his girlfriend and their two dogs.


Nick Chase / Construction Foreman / Senior Mason

Nick, a native of Craftsbury, Vermont has over 16 years of experience in the landscape industry.  He is a  skilled stone mason and and excellent machine operator.  His dedication to each project is apparent, frequently putting in extra time and effort to finish his work for the day.  Nick joined Ambler Design in 2012 and has become a valuable and reliable member of the team.


Phil Phelps / Machine Operator / Mechanic

Phil also known as Phid, has been a member of Ambler Design since 2015. He joins the team bringing 40+ years of experience in heavy equipment operation. He has worked for several large scale construction companies such as Blow and Cote and St Onge Construction. His operating skills are phenomenal and his in and out knowledge of heavy equipment is unmeasurable.  


Andy Harm / Horticulturist / Maintenance Supervisor 

Andy joined Ambler Design in 2013, bringing over 15 years of landscaping experience.  He is a knowledgable horticulturalist and extremely hard worker helping with all aspects of our landscape installations and maintenance accounts. On the weekends Andy can be found in the mountains either on his bike or skis.  Andy lives in Johnson. 


Dustin Jones / Mason / Landscape Installer

Dustin joined our company during the 2013 season and has quickly become a key member of the team.  He is a hard worker and completes each task quickly and efficiently. His skills as a stone mason are improving leaps and bounds from season to season. He is a fast learner with motivation to improve his skills and to produce high quality products.  Dustin lives in Hyde Park with his girlfriend..


Luke Aupperlee / Truck Driver / Landscape Installer

Luke came to Ambler Design at the start of the 2014 season. He has fallen into the roll of truck driver due to his efficiency behind the wheel and his range of knowledge in the landscaping field. He is also a valuable resource on the job site with the abilities to aid in almost any task. On his days off Luke enjoys fishing and spending time with his girlfriend, they live in Morrisville.


Colby Grant / Landscape Installer

Joey Groom / Landscape Installer