Natural Pools, Ponds, and Streams

Small pond set into hillside below recirculating streams and waterfalls.
plan for water features_150.jpg

Ambler Design creates waterscapes that are both stunning and convincingly natural in the built landscape.  We understand that landscape architecture is as much about water as it is about earth, stone, plants and light.  The flow of water from mountaintop to the valley below; trickling over moss covered riverstones; meandering gently into a majestic pool that beckons you to jump in.  It is this enlivening, natural phenomena that we strive to emulate and bring to your home landscape.  

Natural pool with constructed wetland in plan and after completion.

For more than a decade Ambler Design has been designing and building unique waterscapes including rain gardens, constructed wetlands, streams, waterfalls, and ponds.  Collaborating with an innovative team of engineers and ecologists, we create projects that are well designed, thoroughly planned and elegantly constructed. 

The ‘Natural Pool’ is our latest innovation,  bringing together Ambler Design’s depth of knowledge and experience in waterscape design.  Natural pools are a hybrid between a pond and standard swimming pool, utilizing a constructed wetland and sand filters to actively filter the water eliminating the need to use chemicals.   Water flows into the wetland from the pool where it is then pumped through a sand filter and reenters the pool over a tumbling stream with waterfalls to complete its natural treatment process.  The wetland filter can be constructed as part of a new pond construction or added to an existing pond to enhance the water filtration.

If you are thinking of adding the element of water to your landscape, Ambler Design can help make your idea a reality.  Whether it is adding or enlarging a pond, building a stream, or creating a natural pool, we are eager to share our ideas with you and transform your yard into an oasis.