Constructed Wetlands and Aquatic Living Systems

Constructed wetland project in Huntington, VT.
Floating wetland in a stormwater pond after installation.

Constructed wetlands mimic nature's way of filtering out impurities, nutrients, and sediment from flowing water. Utilizing natural processes allow for a quiet, beautiful way to purify water from a pond, building, parking lot or outdoor shower. Using natural means to clean water removes the demand for larger, mechanized systems that tend to be material and energy intensive rather than biologically driven.

Floating wetland after plant growth.

The presence of water runs through all of our landscape design projects. Ian was employed for several years by renowned Eco-Machine™ inventor, John Todd and has gained extraordinary experience in the design and implementation of aquatic livings systems for water treatment through his time with John. From garden ponds and waterfalls to acreage ponds and constructed wetlands, Ambler Design has the expertise to create robust, diverse, and unique waterscapes.

Installing willow live stakes on a shoreline.

Stream Bank Restoration
Ambler Design has been working with sensitive sites and the restoration of natural habitats for over ten years. We work with municipal conservation commissions and federal entities such as the US Department of Agriculture to revegetate and reforest agricultural landscapes and damaged stream habitat.
Our live stakes and willow fascine product line offers clients and contractors a trusted source of wild, USDA Zone 4 tolerant Salix sp. cuttings for habitat restoration projects. We are available for consultation in project design and development. We are also experienced and proficient installers of restoration materials.